CRM - Information at your Finger tips
Weather you are in the office or on the move, Sage CRM is with you, bringing all of your sales information together. That means your sales staff can make the most out of every opportunity with visibility to all those who need it. Start by allocating leads, coordinating calendars and tasks to forecasting sales. Sage CRM will be the only place you need to look for EVERYTHING!
Track Every Opportunity

An efficient organization needs to provide an end to end view of every opportunity from within one, easy to use screen. Sage CRM means an end to chasing. Visability is critical and Sage CRM gives full visibility of what is happening with every prospect and customer, simplifies forecasting and strengthens pipeline management. It dramatically reduces the time Your Sales Team needs to spend on administration, because Sage CRM from Compass Enterprise Solutions allows them more time selling.
Deliver Excellant Customer Service

Winning a new customer is only the beginning. Keeping customers satisfied is critical to a companies growth and must be come part of the firms culture. Starting with defining processes, to tracking issues and solutions, you can gain a customerloyalty forever. Sage CRM gives you the tools you need to do just that effortlessly.