ERP Defined


Sage ERPERP is not confined within the walls of a single entity. Its data flows go out to suppliers and vendors, customers and prospects. Information is presented on Internet websites and transferred to other computers on a network at the speed of light, or around the world via cable and radio beams bounced off satellites. OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS!

Nothing equals the computer for making the world a much smaller place. Information can be shared with another person or even millions of people at the same time you learn it yourself. Design and product development can be a collaborative process without barriers of space and time. Groupware, data management and communications combine to allow everyone to be present, regardless of where they are physically located.

Now we can also offer direct ordering of products and services and traditional order management services through the Web and improve our customer interaction. This should ultimately reduce the cost per order and allow us to focus more on customer ‘wow’ and less on traditional tasks.”

The drawback to all this speed and capability is the drive for even more. Humans are fickle creatures. People who years ago couldn’t share files with the next workstation over are now complaining about the time it takes to download a Web page from the Asia office. Today software companies are listening. The functions are being developed, the concepts are being incorporated, and the changes in work methods and re-engineered business processes are being accommodated. Thanks to the emergence of cutting-edge global IT solutions such as ERP, manufacturers and distributors alike have a better-than-even chance of keeping up with the increasing demands their customers are putting on them.

But as in everything it will demand change, today we call this…re-invent.

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